About Galactic Laser

Picture yourself as...

A character in a science fiction video, with a phaser in hand, energetic music in the background, fog swirling around in the air, you try to catch a glimpse of your friends as you stealthily sneak around in a flowing arena that looks like an alien landscape, the thrill of hunting in darkness while avoid getting tagged yourself.

Laser Tag in Galactic Laser is an experience like no other, with the largest centre in Malaysia and equipped with the latest technology.

Galactic Laser is the sole distributor...

For Laserforce equipment in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. Galactic Laser will be situated in a strategic location within the city, providing our primary customers who would be teenagers, young adults and their families, a highly accessible, convenient and unique recreational facility.

If you are looking for something different and memorable...

For your company, something people will talk about, Galactic Laser Tag certainly stands out.

If you want to give your colleagues and friends the best laser tag experience in the country, Galactic Laser is the place to be. The largest and most happening laser tag you can find, located in Sunway Pyramid

Mobile Laser Tag

Want to have a laser tag in your office or house? You can!


Our Services

Birthday Parties

Memorable Time with Friends and Family

Corporate Events

Special Events for your company

Walk-In Play

Casual quick games with old and new friend

Off-Site Mobile Laser Tag

Laser Tag in your office or school halls or even homes

Build your own business

Starting your own Laser Tag business

Customised Event

Product Launch, Press Conference, Halloween Events, Meetings, Celebrity Meet ups and more


Price Rates

Members Peak (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) Off Peak (Monday to Friday)
2 Missions RM41 RM33
3 Missions RM51 RM43
Non-Members Peak (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) Off Peak (Monday to Friday)
2 Missions RM48 RM38
3 Missions RM58 RM48
  • All Payments are made directly to Galactic Laser on the day of play.
  • Non-peak hours are Monday to Friday, excludes public holidays, national school holidays and special events.
  • Play of arena is non exclusive if there are other players around. However it is more fun to play with more people. You may choose to book the arena  by purchasing all 33 slots if you wish to play exclusively.
  • All prices shown above are inclusive of 0% GST.


Skill Levels

Level Title Average Score Missions Played
Level 1 Recruit < 1500 < 2
Level 2 Gunner < 2500 < 4
Level 3 Trooper < 3700 < 6
Level 4 Captain < 5000 < 8
Level 5 Starlord < 6500 < 10
Level 6 Lasermaster 6500+ 10+

The aim of the skill levels system is protect our newer players from the very good players and to reward players by recognising their skill. This is how it works:

Level 1 Level 4′s need to zap you twice and Level 5′s and 6′s three times to deactivate you.
Level 2 Basically the same as Level 1.
Level 3 This is a neutral level. Level 6′s have to zap you twice to deactivate you.
Level 4 You have to zap Level 1′s and 2′s twice to deactivate them. You still score points for each shot.
Level 5 You have to zap Level 1′s and 2′s three times to deactivate them.
Level 6 You have to zap Level 1′s and 2′s three times and Level 3′s twice to deactivate them.

Each time you advance to a new skill level, a new special ability becomes available to you.

Special Abilities

Level Ability Remarks
Level 1 – Recruit Rapid Fire Rapid fire is achieved by zapping two people in a row. You remain on rapid fire until you are deactivated. It gets harder to activate rapid fire after that because the number of people you need to zap increases.
Level 2 – Gunner Invulnerability If you zap 5 people in a row you become invulnerable! During this time no-one can deactivate you. You are invulnerable for 10 seconds.
Level 3 – Trooper Payback Payback allows you to come straight back up again after you are deactivated. Simply keep your trigger pressed for two seconds when you get hit and you will reactivate!
Level 4 – Captain Missiles Missiles give you many more points. Stay locked onto a player until you hear the 3rd high pitched tone and then let off a missile. You can only use missiles on Level 4′s or higher.
Level 5 – Starlord Reset Reset allows you to a zap a player who is down even if you were the last person to zap them.
Level 6 – Lasermaster Nuke Nukes deactivate every other Level 6 on the field no matter where they are. When you are up hold the trigger button down for two seconds to activate it. You must remain up for another three seconds until the Nuke detonates.

Special abilities reward players as they climb up the skill levels. As you are promoted into a new skill level an additional ability becomes available. The number of the special ability corresponds to your skill level. For example, a Level 4 Captain can use all the special abilities up to 4 Missiles.


updated on 11/9/2013


The Best Average The Last 30 Days

Rank CodeName Average Score
1 Jazmyn 15744
2 Banshee Norm 14944
3 [BB]Slybabe 14476
4 XeDy 14353.5
5 GeneralBabe 12982.5
6 [MasterLaser];D 12562.25
7 Wee Kent 11812
8 Sonyuhshidae 11334
9 Titan 10297.33
10 Nizaamhisham 10043
11 Jnskns 9320
12 The Gunzerker 9190
13 Ignis 8835.92
14 SNSD_Seohyun 8833
15 Chaosboy 19 8443
16 9 7942
17 GodMode! 7861
18 SNSD_YoonA 7673
19 Waxer 7667
20 XcoolJoe 7530

The Top Cumulative the Last 30 Days

Rank Code Name Score
1 Ignis 114867
2 [MasterLaser];D 100498
3 Silent Killer 94377
4 Dzwerdos 69535
5 Rapid Shooter 66088
6 Ghost 007 58054
7 Muqkhrizl 46080
8 Titan 30892
9 [BB]Slybabe 28952
10 XeDy 28707
11 GeneralBabe 25965
12 Waxer 23001
13 22861
14 Predator 21241
15 GreggyTaurus 20896
16 Feng99 18683
17 Meng_Wei89 18505
18 The Gunzerker 18380
19 Shockwave 16823
20 QueenZ_ 16070


Most Number of Wins in the Last 30 Days

Rank Code Name Wins
1 [MasterLaser];D 7
2 Ignis 5
3 XeDy 4
4 Ghost 007 3
5 Waxer 2
6 Titan 2
7 Feng99 2
8 Running Man 2
9 Meng_Wei89 2
10 Rapid Shooter 2
11 Silent Killer 2
12 Jazmyn 1
13 Admen Soo 1
14 Banshee Norm 1
15 The Gunzerker 1
16 Hasief 1
17 SNSD_YoonA 1
18 Nizaamhisham 1
19 Nicolensy 1
20 Sonyuhshidae 1


Highest Score in a Standard Game in the Last 30 Days

Rank Code Name score
1 [MasterLaser];D 17304
2 [MasterLaser];D 16223
3 [BB]Slybabe 15812
4 Jazmyn 15744
5 Banshee Norm 14944
6 XeDy 14683
7 [MasterLaser];D 14374
8 XeDy 14024
9 GeneralBabe 13663
10 [MasterLaser];D 13203
11 [BB]Slybabe 13140
12 Rapid Shooter 12583
13 GeneralBabe 12302
14 Titan 11941
15 Wee Kent 11812
16 [MasterLaser];D 11404
17 Ignis 11403
18 Sonyuhshidae 11334
19 Ignis 11214
20 The Gunzerker 11080

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

We are also located in LG3.06 Sunway Pyramid. Entrance from Blue Concourse, Beside Tarbush restaurant

What are the hours of operation?

We are open every day.

Sun-Thurs: 10am – 10pm

Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays: 10am – 11pm

What is the recommended clothing?

If you don’t want to be easily seen by opponents, don’t wear white! Our florescent lights make light colour clothing glow in our adventure maze. It is required to wear any rubber sole shoes and leather soles ARE NOT RECOMMENDED, and we recommend light clothing (it gets hot). There is no running allowed.

Is safety equipment required?

No additional equipment is required, our vests is all you need for a fun, safe game.

Do the laser beams hurt?

When a laser tag phaser is activated, what you see is a laser beam. The laser beam is for effect only. What scores the actual tag is an IR (infrared) signal, much like the kind used in your television remote control.

Can I play alone, how many people can play together?

We recommend at least a few friends to play with, its is always more fun when there are more players, you are however always welcomed to walk in and play with other players looking for friends like yourself, our arenas can fit up to 33 players per mission.

How do I book a party?

Please call us at 03-56388833, or book with us through our booking form in this website <insert hyperlink> and select the package you prefer

You can also drop by our service counter to book or book by email at

How long to the missions last?

The experience of one mission last about 10 to 15 minutes, including briefing and preparations.

What is the recommended age and height for play?

We recommend children of at least 7 years with minimum height of 100cm and above to play. It depends how well a person handles darkened areas with music, fog and other people, as well as how well they are able to handle the size and weight of the pack (approximately 2.5kg). We recommend parents/guardians come in with their children to check the game out from our observatory deck before trying it out if they are concerned.

Can I play Laser Tag if I’m pregnant or have a cast?

It is recommended that anyone who is pregnant or currently has any injuries not play in our arena. Please come back when you able to focus on tagging your opponents and have a safe, fun game for everyone.

Can we bring outside food or drink?

Sorry, we do not allow outside food or drink in our centre but are happy to offer you a delicious selection of food and drinks during our party. Drinks can also be purchased from our counter.

How do I apply for a job?

If you are interested in being a part of our crew email us your resume and cover-letter to

Contact Us


We open everyday!
10AM to 10PM – Sunday to Thursday
10AM to 11PM – Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays


Telephone: 03-5638 8833
Fax: 03-5638 8811


LG3.06 Sunway Pyramid Mall,
No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


We are located in LG3.06 Sunway Pyramid Mall. Access through blue atrium , between TheKoi and Simple Life. Take lift to LG2. Check with Sunway concierge for directions. The nearest carpark is through Sunway Lagoon entrance.