There are five (5) activity varieties to choose from:

  1. Tag
  2. Team
  3. Wabbit Season
  4. Wedlock
  5. Capture The Flag
  6. Space Marines 5


When the mission begins, a number of players are selected at random and becomes “IT”. The more players in the mission, the more players will be selected to be “IT”. They will hear a normal hit sound and be deactivated for four seconds. When they are re-activated, their lights will flash quickly and brightly to distinguish them from the other players whose lights will be dim. Their goal is to “tag” some other player and thus make them “IT”. They do this by missiling them. Only players who are not already “IT” can be “tagged”. The goal of the other players is to score points by zapping the tagged player while avoiding being tagged themselves. Once a player is tagged, they are deactivated for four seconds, and then are reactivated. The player who tagged them returns to normal mode.

  • While tagged, a player cannot fire normal shots, just missiles. They cannot score in any way and must simply try to tag another player by missiling them.
  • While tagged, a player is never deactivated. They remain up the entire time, and will likely have all other players zapping them repeatedly (from a safe distance).
  • The tagged player loses points each time they are zapped, so they should try to tag someone else as soon as possible.
  • If a player remains “tagged” for too long, the computer will take pity on the player and “tag” someone else at random for them.
  • Becoming “untagged” in this manner incurs a substantial points penalty.
  • Players who are not tagged can destroy the in-field targets. They score no points, but after a number of targets are destroyed without the player being tagged, rapid fire is awarded. This can then be used to score a lot of points on the tagged player. Once a player is tagged, rapid fire is lost, but after they tag someone else, they can destroy in-field targets again to re-enable it, although it becomes more difficult to enable rapid fire each time.
  • Players who are not tagged cannot zap each other. They can only zap a player who is currently tagged.
  • Direct “tag-backs” are not permitted. For example: if player A tags player B, no “tagged” player can immediately tag player A. This protection lasts until player A zaps a “tagged” player, player A zaps any in-field target or player B tags some other player.
  • Warbots are not active.
Event Score
Zap tagged player 30
Get tagged -100
Get zapped while tagged -10
Tagged timeout penalty -1500



The players are divided into separate teams and wear correspondingly coloured battlesuits. Players should only zap players of the opposite colour, as there may be a penalty for zapping a fellow team member. Players have unlimited shots and unlimited lives, thus it is not possible for players to be eliminated from the mission prior to the scheduled mission end time.

When zapped, a player is deactivated for six to eight seconds. During this time, the player’s weapon is inactive, but the player can still be zapped, so seeking a safe hiding place is necessary. At the end of this down time, the player is reactivated and may return to the action.

Bonus points are awarded for destroying in-field targets. To destroy an in-field target, the player must zap it three times in a row without missing or being zapped themselves. Opposite colour (enemy) and neutral in-field targets may be destroyed, while identical colour (friendly) in-field targets should be defended from the opposing team.

Event Score Points
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff. 1
Zap own team member -50 0
Zap Warbot 50 0
Missile opponent 500 + 100 x level diff. 2
Missile own team member -250 0
Destroy in-field target 1001 5
Detonate Nuke 500 0
Take control of Warbot 500 0


Wabbit Season

This mission is a fun mission to play. Players are either Hunters or one of their prey, Ducks or Rabbits.

The rules for the Hunters are simple; you are only allowed to hunt the prey that is “In-Season”. Hunting “Out-Of-Season” prey is bad.

The idea for both the Ducks and the Rabbits is to make sure that the other animal is the one that is “In-Season” so that the Hunters keep hunting them instead of you… and remember, the prey can’t fight back against the Hunters! Any time one of the Ducks or Rabbits zap a member of the opposing prey team, the season swaps. If it is “Duck Season” and a prey zaps an opposing prey, it becomes “Rabbit Season” and visa versa. So the Ducks and Rabbits should be careful not to zap an opposing prey if their own team is not already “In-Season”, because that will make them “In-Season”.

But the Hunters should be warned…. Towards the end of the mission… the tables will be turned!!

Hunters score points by zapping “In-Season” prey.

Ducks and Rabbits score points every time an opposing prey is zapped.

  • Players can choose to be on any team regardless of the battlesuit colour they are wearing.
  • The number of players allowed on each team is important in this mission. The Hunters should far outnumber the number of Ducks and Rabbits. The number of Ducks and Rabbits should be the same. As a guide, the suggested number of prey on a single prey-team would be:
    Total Players # of prey
    Less than 10 1
    10 – 16 2
    More than 16 3
Event Score
Hunter zap In-Season prey 100
Hunter zap Out-Of-Season prey -120
Hunter zap own team -100
Other team prey zapped 10



Wrongly imprisoned in a futuristic prison, the players have been collared with an explosive neck collar. Their collar is electronically tied to the collar of one of their fellow prisoners, only… they don’t know who.

The aim of the game is to defuse the collars and break their “Wedlock” before the timer runs out.

While the two prisoners are “Wedlock”-ed, what happens to one, happens to both. This means that if one player gets Rapid Fire, both players get Rapid Fire… if one player gets put down,… both players get put down.

Once the “Wedlock” is broken, the players retain the advantages of their “Wedlock”, but lose the disadvantages, i.e. they still get special abilities when their ex-partner does, and they can still spend their ex-partner’s special points, but do not go down when their ex-partner is deactivated.

  • Players have access to their partner’s special points as well as their own.
  • To break the “Wedlock”, the pair of players must first have built up enough special points “Special Available”. Then both players must hold in their triggers at exactly the same time, while they are both up.
  • The Warbot will look at all passing players, if a player is not doing well with respect to other players in the game, the Warbot may give the player bonus special points. If the player is doing well, the Warbot may simply zap the player.
Event Score Points
Zap opponent 100 1
Zap “Wedlock” partner -100 0
Missile opponent 500 2
Missile “Wedlock” partner -500 0
Destroy in-field target 801 5


Capture the Flag

Each team is assigned an in-field target to act as their flag, which is located at their base. All members of a team can get powerups from their flag and from any in-field targets that have not been assigned as a flag to any other team.

To pick-up an enemy’s flag, a player must zap the enemy’s flag 3 times. Once the flag has been picked up, the player’s visible lights will lock-on.

To capture a carried flag, the player must zap their own flag 3 times while it is still at their base, i.e. their flag has not been grabbed by an enemy player.

You can only capture an enemy’s flag when your flag is “at base”.

When a flag has been picked-up by an enemy, the phaser visible LED will begin to flash for all member’s of the team owning the flag. Also no powerups can be collected from that target until the flag has been returned.

If a player is deactivated whilst carrying a flag, the flag is automatically returned to it’s base.

Event Frags
Frag opponent 1
Frag own team member -1
Return own flag 3
Capture flag 10 for self
2 for other team members

Two teams compete with each player taking a specific Space Marines role from the five different types available.

Players have limited lives, shots and missiles. A player who loses all their lives is eliminated from the mission. The team medic resupplies lives. The team ammunition carrier resupplies shots. Missiles cannot be resupplied.

Space Marines Class Shots
Missiles Hit Points Shot Power
Commander 30/5/60 15/4/30 5 3 2
Heavy Weapons 20/5/40 10/3/20 5 3 3
Scout 30/10/60 15/5/30 0 1 1
Ammo Carrier Unlimited 10/3/20 0 1 1
Medic 15/5/30 20/0/20 0 1 1
Space Marines Class Special Abilities
Commander Nuke: All opponents are deactivated. To use, hold trigger in while up. Cost: 20sp
Heavy Weapons None.
Scout Rapid Fire: Lasts until resupplied. Cost 15sp.
Ammo Carrier Resupply: Can resupply own team with shots by zapping them while they are up.
Power boost: Resupplies all up team members with shots simultaneously. To use, hold trigger in while up. Cost: 15sp.
Medic Resupply: Can resupply own team with lives by zapping them while they are up.
Power boost: Resupplies all up team members with lives simultaneously. To use, hold trigger in while up. Cost: 10 sp.
  • All Warbots start in a deactivated state.
  • Warbots may be friendly, enemy or neutral, depending on their colour. Players may take control of a deactivated Warbot that is of a friendly or neutral colour. Control is gained with a single shot.
  • Once a Warbot has be controlled, it joins the controlling team and assumes the same Space Marines class as its controller. Once the Warbot has been deactivated 10 times, it will become inactive again. Warbots can use the same special abilities as a player of the same Space Marines class can.
  • A controlled Warbot’s character class can be changed by a single zap from a member of the controlling team.
  • Missiles are non-replenishable.
  • In-field targets operate in the same manner as in a standard “Team” mission.
  • If a Commander is deactivated after activating a nuke but before it detonates (approx. four seconds), the nuke is cancelled and has no effect on opponents.
  • The 20sp for the nuke are used for no effect.
  • The visible LED on the back of the phaser will begin to flash when the player has six or less lives remaining.
  • The faster the flashing, the fewer lives the player has remaining.
  • The visible LED on the back of the phaser will be at half intensity if the player has insufficient special points to activate a special ability.
  • When sufficient special points are accumulated, the LED will switch to full intensity.
  • A maximum of 99 special points can be accumulated.
Event Score Special Points Notes
Zap opponent 100 1
Zap own team member -100 0
Missile opponent 500 2
Missile own team member -500 0
Destroy in-field target 1001 5
Detonate nuke 500 0
Get zapped -20 0 1 life is lost
Get missiled -100 0 2 lives are lost
Get nuked 0 0 3 lives are lost