Level Title Average Score Missions Played
Level 1 Recruit < 1500 < 2
Level 2 Gunner < 2500 < 4
Level 3 Trooper < 3700 < 6
Level 4 Captain < 5000 < 8
Level 5 Starlord < 6500 < 10
Level 6 Lasermaster 6500+ 10+

The aim of the skill levels system is protect our newer players from the very good players and to reward players by recognising their skill. This is how it works:

Level 1 Level 4′s need to zap you twice and Level 5′s and 6′s three times to deactivate you.
Level 2 Basically the same as Level 1.
Level 3 This is a neutral level. Level 6′s have to zap you twice to deactivate you.
Level 4 You have to zap Level 1′s and 2′s twice to deactivate them. You still score points for each shot.
Level 5 You have to zap Level 1′s and 2′s three times to deactivate them.
Level 6 You have to zap Level 1′s and 2′s three times and Level 3′s twice to deactivate them.

Each time you advance to a new skill level, a new special ability becomes available to you.

Special Abilities

Level Ability Remarks
Level 1 – Recruit Rapid Fire Rapid fire is achieved by zapping two people in a row. You remain on rapid fire until you are deactivated. It gets harder to activate rapid fire after that because the number of people you need to zap increases.
Level 2 – Gunner Invulnerability If you zap 5 people in a row you become invulnerable! During this time no-one can deactivate you. You are invulnerable for 10 seconds.
Level 3 – Trooper Payback Payback allows you to come straight back up again after you are deactivated. Simply keep your trigger pressed for two seconds when you get hit and you will reactivate!
Level 4 – Captain Missiles Missiles give you many more points. Stay locked onto a player until you hear the 3rd high pitched tone and then let off a missile. You can only use missiles on Level 4′s or higher.
Level 5 – Starlord Reset Reset allows you to a zap a player who is down even if you were the last person to zap them.
Level 6 – Lasermaster Nuke Nukes deactivate every other Level 6 on the field no matter where they are. When you are up hold the trigger button down for two seconds to activate it. You must remain up for another three seconds until the Nuke detonates.

Special abilities reward players as they climb up the skill levels. As you are promoted into a new skill level an additional ability becomes available. The number of the special ability corresponds to your skill level. For example, a Level 4 Captain can use all the special abilities up to 4 Missiles.